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On Friday 27th June 2014, YIKE in collaboration with Nairobits will have a graduation ceremony at NCCK hall Huruma at 9.00 am. This is the 2nd graduation this year for the youth undertaking ICT classes at YIKE and other centres like SHOFCO and Majimazuri. The graduation will see a total of 92 students, 18 of whom were trained at YIKE, receive their certificates and be on their way to course 2 and 3. The students have received training for a period of 10 weeks in total. After their graduation, another bunch of students who have already been interviewed will start their classes. Congratulations to all graduates.



International Day of the African Child takes place on June 16, 2014. The Day of the African Child has been celebrated every year since 1991, when it was first initiated by the Organisation of African Unity. It honors those who participated in the Soweto Uprising in 1976 on that day. It also raises awareness of the continuing need for improvement of the education provided to African children.

In Soweto, South Africa, on June 16, 1976, about ten thousand black school children marched in a column more than half a mile long, protesting the poor quality of their education and demanding their right to be taught in their own language. Hundreds of young students were shot, the most famous of which being Hector Peterson. More than a hundred people were killed in the protests of the following two weeks, and more than a thousand were injured.

In this regard, YIKE under the "Child Protection, Education and Awareness" and in Partnership with Islamic Relief Kenya will hold an event to celebrate this auspicious day.


After 10 weeks of practical training in ICT skills, 18 out of 20 students recruited at the start of the year will have their graduation on Friday, 11th April at NCCK Huruma Hall at 9.00 am. 2 of the students dropped out of the class citing personal reasons. The graduation will incorporate other students from centres in Mathare. The results of the students will determine whether they will proceed to the next level, course 2 and 3. We wish all the students the best of luck.


In celebrating the Global Money Week, we will be profiling the small business enterprises that YIKE, in partnership with CITI foundation have funded over the years. The first business is ...

Emmanuel Muthama Profile

Emmanuel Muthama is a former member of Pamoja Ghetto Youth Group. He joined the group in the year 2006. He is among the founders of the group. The group is based in Dandora. From the youth group he came to benefit from the Citi Foundation Grant. Emmanuel, 34 years old currently stays in Umoja Estate. He runs Jafa Foods Company where he produces pickled vegetables, peanut butter as well as distribution of cereals. He is married and has a 10 year old child.

The Citi Foundation grant to YIKE enable Emmanuel to attend training on Introduction to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control points (HACCP) delivered by TechnoServe and Partners in Food Solutions under the African Alliance for Improved Food Processing (AAIFP) project. It’s from this training that Emmanuel was able to makes changes to hygiene practices where he does the food processing. The fund also facilitated training in book-keeping where it has enabled him to keep proper financial records of his business.

In 2012 Emmanuel was able to obtain a loan of KES 10,000 from the Youth Entrepreneurial Program 4 where he was able to increase production of peanut as well start the cereals distribution. Jafa pickled products are sold at Karen Provision stores, Chandarana supermarkets, Mini Muthaiga Supermarket and Spring Valley Super Market. The peanut butter is very popular with Nairobi Eastland’s clientele.

As a beneficiary, Emmanuel was able to improve his income such that he was able to shift his family from living in a small house in Dandora to a larger house in Umoja Estate. Also he has been able to expand his business to the extent that he has employed four full time employees and three casuals.

Citi Foundation has been funding the YIKE's Youth Entrepreneurial Program from 2009 where over 200 youth have been able to access micro-loans for group (joint) or individual businesses. Also over 2,000 youth have been able to access various training which has been a component of the program.



On Friday, 17th Jan 2013. YIKE under the project "Child Protection, Education and Awareness" will be live on Koch FM, 99.9 from 8.00 am - 8.30 am. The panel will be discussing issues relating to children rights and their protection. The panel will be made of the Executive Director of YIKE, Mr. Stephen Samba, the area chief of Korogocho and a representative from the District Children Officer.


Under the Livelihoods and Community Health Strategy, 48 youth were enrolled in training centers offering courses in vocational skills. The youth are from Dandora, Mukuru, Kariobangi, Huruma and Mathare. The youth are being trained in carpentry, tailoring, food and beverage and driving. These youth are expected to either access employment or receive business start up capital as part of YIKEs revolving fund.

(students during a practical food and beverage and tailoring classes)


under the livelihoods and community health strategy project, three community units from Mukuru were identified. These are Crescent Unit, Hamaso Unit and Maandazi Unit. Each of these unit is scheduled to undergo a training in business and financial management after which they are to come up with business plans for business start-ups. in Each unit, 50 members are targeted as project participants.

So far, two community units have undergone their training and have come up with the plans. The monetary facilitation that they will receive will be in form of a revolving fund. Their businesses will be monitored by project staff and offer advice on running of these businesses.


In September 2013, the course 1, third intake students that had been studying basic computer skills at YIKEs resource center had their graduation ceremony at PCEA Eastleigh church. 20 students from YIKE received their certificates. Only 2 students had dropped out of the class as the initial number of students was 22.

A week after their graduation, interviews were done at YIKE for  new students and among the many that turned up for the interview, 20 students were picked for the classes that are set to start in October 2013 and run till December 2013. This is the last intake of students for 2013.

2nd Year Groups Trained In Business and Entrepreneurship.

Starting the week of 16th September, the ten (10) 2nd year groups are expected to undergo training in Business and Entrepreneurship skills. This will also incorporate financial management skills. Each group will be trained for 3 half days at a venue of their choice. 20 group members are targeted for each group such that at the end of the training, the project will have reached at least 200 members. Previously in 2013, the 2nd groups have undergone training in Personal finance. The groups to be trained are Chini YA Mnazi Youth Group, Philadelphia Refugee Youth Group, Madoya Tumaini Youth Group, Mukuru Fuata Nyayo Youth Group, Unique World Viewers, Dagoretti Youth Group, Young Christian of Integrity, Downstream Youth Group, Hekaya Youth Group and Gifted Ladies.


Every year, the world marks international Youth Day on August 12. In 2013, this day will be celebrated on Monday, august 12 and YIKE will be hosting an event to celebrate this. At Huruma Sports Ground, starting at 9.00 am, youth, the community, YIKE partners and invited guests will be meeting for the celebration. The days theme is "Youth Migration: moving development forward". The day will be celebrated through guest speeches, youth performances (skit, dance, rap and acrobats), crazy Olympics, youth testimonials and youth exhibition.

The event is targeting over 500 youth and community members.

YIKE, having been started in 2003 will also be celebrating its 10th year anniversary and this will be marked by cake cutting.

You are all welcome to celebrate with us.


in 2013, the training and research project organized and recruited 9 youth groups from the informal settlements of Nairobi. These groups will undergo a 2 day training in Team building, conflict resolution and communication. The trainings are set to start on 8th May 2013 and run through till 31st May. The groups that will benefit from these trainings are Kariobangi Marura Self Help Group, Pillars Youth Group, Millenium Productions, United Arts Youth Group, Korogocho Arts, Culture, Artisan and skills group, Mathare Vijana Development organization, Blessed Youth group, sky youth self help group and Sanaa Utamaduni. The groups are involved in different income generating activities ranging from garbage collection, traditional performances, water vending, acting, cyber cafe and running of a green house for vegetables growth.



Youth Initiatives-Kenya (YIKE) is a non-profit organization registered in July 2003 at the Kenyan Non Governmental Organization (NGO) bureau. It was started as an initiative after realization of the significance of youth groups in the development of the society (this was from an academic research by the founders of YIKE on the ‘Role of youth groups in Development of their communities’). From observation and experience it was realized that youth groups based in slums, have potential but are limited by the socioeconomic environment they reside in therefore needed skills, resources and mentorship to prosper.

YIKE aims at assisting marginalized and disenfranchised youth, through youth groups, to help them create and sustain income generating activities, lead a healthy life, access the benefits of ICT and have a better understanding of their rights as citizens. Hitherto, YIKE has worked with 84 Youth groups in the slums/informal settlements all over Nairobi.

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